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RMS was founded in Massillon by Randy Kiley and is a family business. Randy started his remodeling experience at a young age. Most children's household chores consist of mowing the lawn and shoveling snow.  In addition to those chores Randy learned to change toilets, paint walls, install drywall, fix plumbing and more. And when he was finished with his house there was always a relative somewhere that needed something done.

Randy says:

"After graduation I joined the Army where I started cooking for the masses. When I left the military I went to school to be a chef. I worked at various restaurants and it seemed that there was always someone needing something done at their house. I would help out and eventually I realized I enjoyed home improvements more than I liked cooking. So began my present career. I started a handy man service in Cleveland and worked part time with a tile setter who did a lot of bathroom remodeling. After the tile job came four years working with a plumbing company. I learned the ins and outs of total plumbing, working inside and outside."

Randy started a handyman service over twenty five years ago and what he has learned through the years has prepared him for what RMS does today. We  can remodel one room or your whole house and also complete your to do list. But we really love custom designing bathrooms and taking your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary. That's why Randy is know in the Massillon area as "The Bathroom Specialist".

For over thirty five years Randy has been helping people improve their homes creating many new friendships in the process.

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